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Buck Forage Oats are the number one fall attractant for deer.


          •  Deer prefer Buck Forage Oats to any other small grain.  We challenge you to plant Buck Forage Oats next to any other food plot item, and see what attracts deer more consistently.


          •  Buck Forage Oats are extremely winter-hardy.  Don’t lose your food plot to cold weather this year!


          •  Buck Forage Oats stay tender and more palatable longer than other oats.  While they germinate rapidly, they are much slower to put on the thick, stemmy growth that turn deer off.


          •  It is much cheaper to plant a field to Buck Forage Oats once, than to feed for the entire hunting season.  And you don’t have to fill the feeders! 


Dr. James C. Kroll has tested Buck Forage Oats in side-by-side strip comparisons since 1990.  During that time, Buck Forage Oats has been first in preference by whitetails in every trial for fall planting. 

“Oats always has been the preferred winter forage for whitetails.  Now there is a brand (Buck Forage) that not only is preferred over other varieties, but also stands up to colder temperatures.  I heartily endorse it!”

Dr. James C. Kroll, “Dr. Deer”

Renowned whitetail authority & author of the best-selling book,

A Practical Guide to Producing and Harvesting Whitetailed Deer



Planting Instructions

1)     Disk the ground about 2-3” deep.

2)     Broadcast 100 lbs. per acre, then drag or disk in to 1½-2” deep


        Drill in 75 lbs. per acre at 1½-2” deep.


Buck Forage Chicory - The Nutrition Plot


          Many food plot seed companies make wild claims about their seeds growing BIG BUCKS.  Unfortunately, no such MAGIC SEED exists! Good nutrition is only one of many factors involved in producing trophy animals.


Over the last few years, the Buck Forage Staff, along with Dr. James Kroll, a.k.a. "Dr. Deer," has been side-by-side testing brassica and all similar crops with Buck Forage Chicory, The Nutrition Plot.  Dr. Kroll has found them to be inferior in nutrition and preference in the rigorous tests that he and his staff have performed.


We now proudly recommend a combination planting of Buck Forage Oats, The Harvest Plot, with Buck Forage Chicory, The Nutrition Plot, for the serious hunter who demands the very best in FALL ATTRACTION, yet also desires year-round, high protein NUTRITION in a single plot.

Planting Instructions

1)     Broadcast or drill and drag your Buck Forage Oats in as described above.

2)     Broadcast 5 lbs. per acre of Buck Forage Chicory, then lightly drag or disk in to ¼” deep.





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