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SunGrazer Plus vs. Mix of Giant & Common Bermudas

Why should I plant SunGrazer Plus instead of a Common/Giant Bermudagrass blend?

          Common is not an improved bermudgrass variety and does not have the improved cold and drought tolerances and forage production and quality that CD 90160 and KF 194 have.  While Common is a cheap producer of fair forage production, it is not designed for use in a pasture intended for the highest quality and quantity of bermudagrass forage for hay or  grazing.

     Giant bermuda produces a lot of quick, tall growth.  Since it is not very aggressive in terms of horizontal growth and competition with other grasses, it can be overtaken by Common to the point where its tall, leafy growth is no longer a significant contributor to the field’s production capability.

     We have put Giant bermudagrass in SunGrazer Plus to take advantage of its ability to make quick, tall growth.  While the improved varieties in the blend work to build a healthy root system and cover the ground during the establishment year, the Giant helps to significantly boost that first year’s production when combined with the improved varieties.  Over several years, as the improved varieties outcompete the Giant and fill in, you are left with a field of hardy, dependable SunGrazer Plus bermudagrass blend that is designed to give you the highest quality and highest yielding forage and hay production.


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