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Hybrid Sweet Corn Selection Guide


Click HERE to see photos and descriptions of these varieties.


Variety Description Color Type
(see explanation below)
Approx. Days to Maturity Avg. Ear Length (in.) Avg. Ear Diameter (in.) Avg. Row Count Husk Appearance
Bodacious2 Has an exceptionally sweet kernel with a superior sweet flavor that holds well after harvest.  Excellent for home garden, roadside stand and shipping. Yellow homozygous se 75 8.0 1.8 16  
Early Sunglow1 Produces long ears early in the season helping you be the first to market with quality, locally grown sweet corn. Yellow su 70 7.5 1.7 12-14 Medium dark green
Honey Select1 AAS* winner. The first yellow with the TripleSweet® quality. Outstanding flavor for local markets demanding yellow hybrids. Yellow TripleSweet® 79 8.5 2 18-20 Medium green. Good flags.
How Sweet It Is2 AAS* winner. Excellent for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand and shipping. White sh2 87 8.5 1.9 18  
Incredible2 Improved gourmet sweet corn; superb eating. Excellent for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand and shipping. Yellow homozygous se 85 9.5 2.0 18  
Jubilee1 Excellent for freezing and canning. Also grown for roadside and home garden. Yellow su 81 8.5 1.8 16-20 Medium green
Kandy Korn EH1 Devoted followers easily recognize this variety’s unique burgundy husks. Yellow heterozygous se 81 9 1.85 16 Burgundy coloring.
Peaches & Cream Mid EH1 One of the most popular bicolors. When producers think of bicolors, they think of Peaches & Cream. Bicolor homozygous se
83 8.5 1.8 18-20 Long flags. Good cover.
Silver Queen1 The most popular white sweet corn because of its superb eating quality and wide range of adaptations. White su 88 8 1.8 14-16 Outstanding package.
Sweet G901 A very popular bicolor; a favorite in the South and Southeast. Late-maturing and easy to grow. Perfect for local markets and roadside stands. Bicolor su 85 9 1.95 16 Medium green.
1Rogers®Brand • 2Crookham Company
* AAS—All-American Selection Award


Explanation of Types (Endosperm Classifications)

Type Explanation Isolation & Planting Pros Cons
Normal sugary (su) varieties are the standard type of sweet corn enjoyed for many years. They are known for their creamy corn flavor and mild sugars. These sugars quickly convert to starch so they are best eaten soon after harvest. Isolate from field, popcorn and sh2 group of sweet corns. Best seed vigor and germination.
Fast establishment.
Corn flavor.
Less ear damage during harvest.
Usually, reliable seed production.
Lowest sugar at harvest.
Lack of field holding.
Fastest sugar loss after harvest.
These sweet corns contain the sugary enhanced (se) modifier genes that increase sugars and tenderness to varying degrees. These higher sugar levels result in hybrids that maintain their quality over a longer period of time (longer shelf life than the su’s). Homozygous denotes that both parents of the hybrid are se. Isolate from field, popcorn and sh2 group of sweet corns. For best results, also isolate from su (normal) sweet corn. Sweetness.
Disease resistance.
Longer shelf life than sugary (su).
Less shelf life and field holding than sh2 varieties.
Harvest damage if too tender.
Sweetness performance varies with climate.
In general, less seed vigor and germ than sugary (su).
Shrunken (Supersweets) contain the sh2 gene and get their name from the appearance of the dried kernel. Shrunkens have a very high sugar content, as well as a slower conversion of sugar to starch, which results in a longer shelf life. Shrunken sweet corns must be isolated from other non-shrunken corns. Isolate from all su1 groups of sweet corns, field and popcorns. Do not plant too deep. Soil temps need to be at least 60ºF. Very sweet.
Increased sugar holding/shelf life in the field and post-harvest.
Less sugar variation between environments.
Less damage during harvest.
Good shipping ability.
Have a reputation of being “crunchy” with less corn flavor and lower seed quality.
More difficult to plant and obtain a stand; more susceptible to seedling die-back.
Physically the seed is weaker and subject to breakage.
Need isolation from all other types.
TripleSweet® TripleSweet is a new class of sweet corn that has 75% sugary enhanced (se) kernels and 25% supersweet (sh2) kernels. This combines the exceptional tenderness and sweet corn flavor of se types with extra sweetness, extended shelf life and field holding ability. Results in more consistent, longer lasting sweetness, even under drought stress. Isolate from field, popcorn and sh2 group of sweet corns. For best results, also isolate from su (normal) sweet corn. Exceptional tenderness and sweetness.
Extended shelf life (1-2 days longer than se).
Extended field holding ability (1-2 days).
Longer harvest window.
Great for local and roadside markets.
Can be damaged at harvest like se.
Shelf life is not as long as sh2.